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Color is a big part of being a professional painting contractor. It’s also generally a fun part of what we do. We love to make your life more colorful and bring new life to your home or property. Choosing the right paint color is very important, but it can also be somewhat challenging.

Diaz Painting’s Quick Color Checklist to Make Your Life More Colorful

  1. Test. Use large enough painted samples to really see the color.
  2. Lighting – What do the colors look like with the different types of light.
    Check colors with your lighting – natural daylight, incandescent lighting, and fluorescent lighting.
  3. How do colors work from one room into another room? Do the colors flow properly while sitting in one room and looking into the adjoining room? How do exterior painting colors work with adjacent surfaces that don’t paint – such as brick or prefinished metal surfaces?
  4. Does sheen make a difference? Various paint sheens can add durability as well as additional light reflection. Sheens
  5. Can the addition of decorative finishes and glazes provide the perfect addition of color, texture and positive visual impact?

Find Your Perfect Color
Sherwin-Williams offers homeowners a lot of Color Resources, including several collections and information about trends and top colors. Help with selecting a color is also available with their Colorsnap® Visualizer for your mobile phone and via the web on your computer browser. The Visualizer is really pretty cool. You can take or upload a photo of your room and then see how various color selections actually look. Also available for the iPad.

PPG The Voice of Color® offers a unique and comprehensive system that helps you choose the perfect paint color for your next painting project. Personality plays a big part in why certain colors work better than others. Play the PPG The Voice of Color® Color Game to help you choose what color is best for your personality. You can also upload a photo of your room or home and paint it with your favorite colors using the PPG paint color visualizer.

We Help Make Your Life More Colorful

Through the use of color theory, your furnishings, and floor and carpeting colors, we help select and then apply sample colors. This service provides great value for our clients. We apply large enough samples so you can properly evaluate the color. Evaluating the paint color over a day or more provides a true look at the new colors under the different lighting conditions in your home.

Contact Us to learn more about how we can help make color selections easier.

Make your life more colorful!

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