Checklist for Interior Painting Success

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Our Checklist for Interior Painting Success is a great way to make sure your completed project brings you joy and gets completed the right way.

√ Decide what you want to get painted.
Make a list of all areas to be painted and repairs that may the necessary. Do you want to change colors? Do you want to add special finishes?

√ Get a comprehensive estimate for painting
No guesswork here. An estimate from a professional painting contractor will make your life easier. The estimate should be written and include all information about the work to be completed, the time schedule, the type of paint to be used, and the costs involved.

√ Award the contract and schedule the work.
It sounds like an easy part but makes sure who you contract with is able to complete the work in a timely fashion that meets your needs.

√ Establish the ground rules
Who will be in your home and at what time, security and special issues such as alarms and pets, where a small work area can be set up to base the work from, how daily job management and daily cleanup will happen, what you expect from others being in your home. We have very specific job site controls in place to honor and respect the trust our customers place in our hands.

√ Get everything ready
We work with you to establish the how – what order things will get completed using a path that makes it easier for you. We ask you to move breakables and we can help with moving the furniture.

√ Check the progress of your project.
Just make sure that what you thought was going to happen is happening. We use good communication methods to let you know how our work is progressing. We keep your home or office clean.

√ Quality check
Once everything’s done inspect the work with your painting contractor. We use a quality audit form that you complete. It helps us to make sure we’ve done everything you expected and that that we’ve completed all the work that we contracted with you. The quality audit form gives you a chance to grade us on how we did.

√ Enjoy your new paint job.
We want you to thoroughly enjoy your completed painting project. We strive to provide excellent customer service at every step of your project and be happy that you chose Diaz Painting. Receiving referrals from satisfied customers is our way of knowing you enjoy the work we completed – your new paint job.

Diaz Painting’s Checklist for Interior Painting Success

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