Best Practices Guide for Painting Estimates

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How to get the best value for your money.

Finding the right painter who will get your painting project completed correctly and meet your budget can be difficult. Once you get someone to show up and provide you a written estimate, comparing one estimate to another can be a bit of a challenging task. Here’s where the often-used saying “comparing apples to oranges” comes in.

We want to help with our easy-to-use Painting Estimate Best Practices Guide. You can also download our comparison worksheet to keep track of and compare the estimates you receive. Get the right painting contractor for your project. Of course, we hope you’ll choose Diaz Painting, the painting contractor you can trust. We start by visiting with you and reviewing your painting needs and asking the right questions. Then we will provide you a comprehensive written estimate to complete your painting project correctly, on schedule, and within budget.

Best Practices Guide for Painting Estimates

Determine what you want to get painted and when you want the project completed. Take a look at all of the surfaces that will get painted. Preparation is the key to an excellent paint job. Do the surfaces need any repairs in addition to typical surface preparation? How about the protection of furniture, adjacent surfaces, or landscaping?

Will you be keeping the existing colors, or is it time to change colors? As a professional painting contractor, we make your life more colorful. We can help you with color selections. Please read our blog post on selecting paint colors. A change of color can bring a whole new life to your home. Please keep in mind that some paint color changes may require an additional coat of paint to cover the previous color adequately.

Who do you want to work in and around your home, around your family?
Many of us use social media review websites to find and evaluate the companies we may hire. If that is the case, we suggest asking for and reviewing each company’s State license and request a certificate of their business insurance. Check to make sure everything is current. Has the contractor worked in or near your neighborhood before? Can the contractor get the project completed in your time frame? Does the contractor specialize in the type of painting work you need? Finally, when you meet with painters, are you dealing with a salesperson or the person who will be doing the work? How do you feel about the people you met?

Download our estimate comparison worksheet.

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