Top Five Best Checklist For Exterior Painting

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Our Top Five Best Checklist For Exterior Painting is an easy-to-use list of items you can review to assure you don’t miss essential items on your exterior painting project. It helps you to get the project completed correctly.

#1 What Should Be Painted
Walk around your exterior and make a list of the areas that need painting and list any possible options such as areas you’re not sure about or that may not require painting. Do you see any surfaces that look like need repairs? Reminder: on exterior painting projects, the proper preparation of surfaces before starting to paint is the key to a longer-lasting paint job.

#2 Color – The Same or New
Do you still like the existing colors, or are you thinking about changing color? Have you reviewed new color selections yet? Here’s some color help. Reminder: Some color selections will require multiple coats of paint when changing colors.

#3 Do It Yourself or Find a Quality Painting Contractor
Are you up for the physical work and ladder work? If yes, check into purchasing better quality prep and painting tools – including a good hand masking machine. Consider renting an airless spray paint pump if you have more extensive siding or other substrate areas to paint. Start by getting the dirt off of surfaces, then get into the preparation workout. You may be able to skip the gym. Once you complete the prep work, cleanup, and protection work (masking and dropcloths), it’s time to start painting. Remember, you may need to apply two coats of paint to some areas. Remember to clean up as you go along and clean out paint tools to keep them in top shape while you complete your project.
Want to find and contract with a quality professional painting contractor? And no, we’re not talking about hiring the high school kids down the block. Check out our Best Practices Guide for Painting Estimates post – specifically the Finding the Right Painter section.

Contracting with a professional painting contractor will make your life easier. Remember, the estimates you receive should be written and include all information about the work to be completed, the time schedule, the type of paint to be used, and the costs involved.

Use our Estimate Comparison Worksheet to help keep the facts in order and hopefully find the right painter.

#4 Start the Project
Doing It Yourself? You’re the boss of you. On the other hand, when you contract with a professional painting contractor, your contract calls out reality – the when, where, and how the work is to be completed. The weather has an impact on the proper completion of your project. It can delay your do-it-yourself efforts and can delay or change the schedule for your professional painting contractor. Here in Southern California, we can complete exterior painting projects year-round, as long as there is no rain in the forecast.

At Diaz Painting, how we manage a project is important for you and us. We have specific job site systems and controls to honor and respect our customers’ trust in our hands.

#5 Progress and Completion
When contracting with a professional painting contractor, communication is essential. Check the progress of your project. We use straightforward communication to keep you updated and let you know how our work is progressing. Take a walk around your home with your painter.

Once we’ve completed your exterior painting project, we use a quality audit form that you complete. It helps make sure we’ve done everything you expected and that we’ve completed all the work we contracted with you. The quality audit form gives you a chance to grade us on how we did.

We want you to enjoy your completed exterior painting project for years to come. We strive to provide excellent customer service at every step of your project and be happy you chose Diaz Painting. Receiving referrals from satisfied customers is our way of knowing you enjoy the work we completed. Our warranty provides further quality assurance for you.

Top Five Best Checklist For Exterior Painting

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